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Coaches & Universities

Internespo offers a new way for colleges and coaches to engage with their community. Our free platform is specifically designed for colleges and their sports teams, creating a free space for students, athletes, friends and family, who want to be part of your community.

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Key Takeaways

  • Internespo is a free platform designed for colleges, coaches, students and players
  • Everything your school has to offer in one place to grow your community
  • Build your alumni player database and share new updates

What is Internespo? is a free college soccer platform that is available to everyone. Just like other social media platforms, Internespo facilitates the creation and sharing of information, photos and videos as well as other contents by its users.

Internespo offers an innovative way for colleges and coaches to engage with their community to highlight their school and sports team. Specifically tailored to the needs of your coaching staff and the interests of your students, you can now easily share your athletic and academic information on other social media pages or via messenger.

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Why Coaches use Internespo…

    • A platform tailored to your coaching needs
    • Designed for students & student-athletes
    • Everything important in one place
    • Grow your College Soccer Community
    • Establish your player alumni network
    • Easily share your Internespo college profile

1) Tailored to Your Needs

We worked with numerous students, players, colleges and coaches to create a space that is tailored to your needs and to the interests of your students and student-athletes.

Social media platforms are used by almost every school or athletic program, but none of these platforms are actually designed to truly highlight your academic offering, your sports teams, or the world of college soccer in general.

Now you can show your program from its best side, while keeping all important links specific to your soccer team at the top. Dedicated sections for your stadium, facilities, campus, and city provide a well-rounded picture of your school.

2) For Students & Athletes, to…

    • Easily search, find, and connect with your college and sports teams
    • Follow friends, or friend’s teams and stay ahead of new updates
    • Find teams in your conference and look at the competition
    • Look at the Internespo Map to locate your college

Moreover, users are able to discover other college soccer content on Internespo’s Explore Pages, such as national champions, current sports or academic rankings, and much more.

    3) All in One: College Profile

    All relevant information can be found in one place; on Your Internespo College Soccer Profile. You or your staff manage your page just like you do on any other social media platform. You decide who gets access to your college account to make changes or provide updates. You alone hold the rights to your content. See everything your profile page has to offer under features & functions

      Show Your Schools…

      1. Athletics
        • Coach & Team
        • Photos and Videos
        • Pros & Player Awards
      2. Academics
        • Majors offered
        • College, Campus & City
        • Notable Alumni
      3. Camps
        • Show all your camps
      4. Alumni
        • Your Alumni Player Network
      5. Photos
        • Stadium, Fans, Facilities
      6. Contact


      4) Your College Soccer Community

      We have created a dedicated space for Your College Soccer Community, where both regular students and student-athletes can engage, connect, or follow your school.

      We all love college soccer – and most of us have played at the college level as well. Our centralized platform will further increase the popularity of college soccer and entice more students and talented players to start their journey as college students, or student-athletes in one of your programs.

      5) Establish your Alumni Network 

      Build an alumni player network for your schools soccer team and help your graduates connect and stay connected after college.

      Now every school can choose to list their former students and student-athletes on their alumni page on Internespo. Finding the perfect job after college can be challenging, but everyone knows networking is key – there is no better reference than having played for the same team.

      Graduating students can now find former players on your Internespo Alumni Page. They can filter for their field of study, e.g. Marketing, and see all player alumni, who work in a relevant job. They see the state and city they work in and can connect via LinkedIn or other channels to hear about their experiences.

      6) Easily share your college profile

      Share information and other contents with Students, Players, Friends & Family

      • Instead of sending emails with links, pictures or videos, you can now simply share your Internespo college profile both on social media or via messenger, so anyone can easily find all of your school’s academic and athletic information in one place.
      • The contents are well organized, all important links and relevant information is easily accessible on the top of your page. Pictures and videos are beautifully aligned to offer the best user experience to your page visitors.

      In conclusion, Internespo offers a new and innovative solution that is changing the way colleges and their soccer teams engage and connect with their community. By providing students and players with a space to research schools, teams, rankings, and other highlights, or connecting them with other users or coaches, and offering a range of tools and resources to help them find their way around college soccer.

      FAQ – Common Questions

      Frequently asked questions by college coaches and university staff

      1. Is Internespo really free?

      Internespo is free for everyone. Every user or institution receives the same free rate. There are no hidden costs or fees associated with our services. There are no payments at all.

      > See all details under Cost & Fees

      2. Is Internespo a recruiting platform?

      Internespo does not get involved in any recruiting or promotion activities. Like other social networks, Internespo only provides the space for users to engage, connect, and share.

      > See all details on our Compliance Page, under section 4) Internespo is NOT a Recruiting or Scouting Service

      3. How can I get access to my college?  > Claim College

      There are many different ways coaches and university staff can claim their college and get access to their college profile. The easiest way is to use the regular Internespo Sign-up form.

      > See all the different ways to claim your college and access your college on our Compliance Page, under section 7) Account access for Coaches & University Staff


      4. Who created my schools content?

      All existing content displayed on an Internespo college or university profile has been created and maintained by a member of your college or university. Exception may apply during the Internespo Beta Phase.

      > See all details on our Compliance Page, under section 8) Content – Creation, Maintenance and Ownership – and 8.3) Exception: Exiting Content – Internespo Beta Phase


      5. What about Women’s Soccer?

      The expansion of Internespo to women’s soccer is currently underway. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide a fixed launch date for Internespo Women’s Soccer at this time.


      Should you have further questions, please refer to our Compliance or  FAQ Page, or send us a message via our Contact Page, or email us directly at

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      Cost & Fees – Its Free
      Cost & Fees – Its Free

      Internespo is free for everyone. Every user or institution receives the same free rate. There are no hidden costs or fees associated with our services.

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      Table of Contents

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