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About Internespo · A New Platform for Players and College Coaches

About Internespo is a free college soccer platform that connects soccer players with over 2k+ college coaches and their school & soccer teams.
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Key Takeaways

  • Internespo is designed for college soccer teams, coaches, students and athletes.
  • Players can create a free player profile, search for teams and connect with coaches.
  • Coaches share information, pictures, videos, and much more about their program.
  • Update your profile and increase your visibility to find recruits or get recruited!

1) What is Internespo? is a free college soccer platform available to everyone in the US and internationally. Just like other social media platforms, Internespo facilitates the creation and sharing of information, photos and videos as well as other contents by its users. Players can connect with teams and stay ahead of new updates.

Internespo offers an innovative way for colleges and coaches to engage with their community and highlight their school and sports team. Specifically tailored to the needs of coaching staff and the interests of students and athletes alike, users can now easily share their athletic and academic information via internespo.

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How does it work?

Internespo works just like other social media platforms. You can search and connect with coaches and colleges you like, follow teams and stay ahead of new updates.

For Students & Athletes

    1. Create a free player profile
    2. Search for colleges and teams
    3. Explore soccer programs
    4. Find academic info, admissions & cost
    5. Connect with coaches
    6. Apply and become a student-athlete!
    7. Learn more

For Colleges & Coaches

  1. Grow your soccer community
  2. Share content of your soccer team
  3. Build your alumni network
  4. Highlight campus, facilities & camps
  5. Drive college soccer in the US
  6. Increase your visibility and find recruits
  7. Learn more

1.1) The Player Profile

High school students and college players can create a free player profile and add their player history, stats and more to increase their visibility and get recruited by college coaches. Share your College Soccer Profile Link to with college coaches or post on your social media.

Update Your Profile

  • Class, Jersey#, Position, GPA
  • High school and Team/Academy
  • Player Data and Recruiting Status
  • Achievements & Highlight Video
  • Team history & Stats

Add more info

  • Events (upcoming camps etc.)
  • Articles & Press links
  • Coach References & Social Media Accounts
  • Contact Information

1.2) Search for College Teams

Players have the ability to search for teams across various leagues, refining their search by specific criteria related to the soccer program or university. This includes majors, costs, and more, enabling players to find the perfect fit for their needs and preferences.

Filter for

  • Leagues – NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA
  • College Soccer Rankings (RPI & United Soccer Coaches)
  • Academic Rankings (Forbes & US News)
  • Majors & Minors, Religion, Location and more.

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1.3) College Team Profiles

Within an Internespo college or university team profile, players have the opportunity to dive into various aspects of the school, including its athletic and academic offerings, camps, alumni network, photos, and contact information. For more info, refer to  Features and Functions.

View a College Team Profile: Clemson University 


    • Rankings & Titles
    • Team & Coaches
    • Stadium & Facilities
    • Pros & Awards


    • Alumni Network
    • Connect after college
    • Stay in touch


    • About the school
    • Majors & Admissons
    • Campus & City
    • Notable Alumni


    • Stadium & Fans
    • Campus & City
    • Championships


    • Latest Camps
    • Tournaments
    • Highlights



    • Coaching Staff
    • Admissions Info
    • Address & Map

1.4) Explore Pages

On Internespo, Players can find teams via a variety of different content and rankings on dedicated explore pages. For instance, on the Divisions Page, users can find current athletics rankings, showing how well a team is performing this season, such as the RPI and United Soccer Coaches rankings as well as a list of all Men’s Soccer National Champions. On the Colleges Page, users can see some of the best academically ranked colleges, and the Locations Page shows famous cities, states and colleges near the coast.

Explore Divisions

    • NCAA and NAIA
    • RPI and other rankings
    • National champions
    • View here

Explore Colleges

    • The Ivy league
    • Best public universities
    • U.S. News Ranking
    • View here

Explore Locations

    • Famous Cities
    • Find colleges by state
    • Colleges by the Coast
    • View here

2) Who uses Internespo?

Internespo has a variety of different users from different backgrounds and nationalities.

Students, Athletes & Parents

    • High-School Students
    • College Students & College-Athletes
    • Friends and Family, Alumni and others

User groups include anyone interested in college soccer, or is trying to connect with colleges and coaches. Are you a student or parent? Learn more.

Coaches & Universities

Schools and coaching staff use Internespo to represent and showcase their school and soccer teams, as they do on other platforms. Different from other social media platforms, Internespo is tailored towards the schools soccer program to provide a unique user experience to college athletes and their parents. Are you a coach or university staff? Learn more.

3) Content on Internespo

    • All content belongs to the schools
    • Colleges/Universities manage their accounts
    • Learn more in Internespo Compliance

All content and information displayed on an Internespo college or university profile belongs to the respective college or university. The schools own and manage their account as they do for their other social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

3.1) Existing Content

    • Who created the content?
    • All content is created and maintained by the college or university
    • Exceptions may apply during our beta phase to support initial profile set-up

All existing content displayed on an Internespo college profile or university profile is created and maintained by a member of its college/university or its coaching staff. The only exception may be content that has been created prior to the official launch of Internespo and could have been created by Internespo support staff in order to showcase a profile page or help a college or university with their initial profile page set up.

See all details around content creation and ownership in our compliance page under 8) Content – Creation, Maintenance, and Ownership.

4) Costs & Fees

5) Women’s Soccer

    • We are currently developing the womens page
    • You can still create your player profile and share your link

The expansion of Internespo to women’s soccer is currently underway. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide a fixed launch date for Internespo Women’s Soccer at this time. As part of our development efforts, we are working with women’s soccer teams on the high-school, college and profession level to best incorporate their interests and feedback.

Should you or your program be interested in supporting the development of Internespo Women’s Soccer, we encourage you to reach out to us and provide feedback via our contact page, or send us an email to

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Cost & Fees – Its Free
Cost & Fees – Its Free

Internespo is free for everyone. Every user or institution receives the same free rate. There are no hidden costs or fees associated with our services.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

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Privacy & Rights
Privacy & Rights

Internespo takes the protection of your personal data seriously. In order to adhere to the highest data protection standards, we have committed to the national and European data protection legislation.