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Students & Parents

Internespo is a free college platform designed for students, athletes, friends & family, as well as colleges & coaches and anyone else interested in US college sports.

College library stand for learning and development

Key Takeaways

  • Internespo is free and accessible to anyone
  • Find your college, follow your soccer team and stay ahead of new updates
  • Learn all about Internespo, its key features, and how to use them

What is Internespo? is a free college soccer platform that is available to everyone. Just like other social media platforms, Internespo facilitates the creation and sharing of information, photos and videos as well as other contents by its users.

Internespo offers you a new way to connect with colleges, coaches, and their sports teams. Become part of the fastest growing soccer community and share the teams you like with friends and family. Specifically tailored to the interests and needs of college students, student-athletes, and coaching staff, you can now easily find all important athletic and academic information in one place and share it on social media or via messenger.

Why Students use Internespo…

    • Internespo is designed for Studens & Athletes
    • Find everything you need on a College Soccer Profile
    • Be part of our community and Explore College Soccer
    • Connect with former players in the alumni network
    • Easily save and share college profiles you like
    • Learn more about Internespo

Why Parents use Internespo…

    • Find the right college for your kids
    • Keep up with their college team
    • Find information on admissions and costs
    • Be part of your kids’ college soccer community
    • Learn how we protect their privacy

1) Designed for Students & Athletes, to…

    • Easily search, find, and connect with colleges and sports teams
    • Follow friends, or friends’ teams and stay ahead of new updates
    • Find teams in your conference and look at the competition
    • Look at the Internespo Map to locate your college

Moreover, you can find other college soccer content on Internespo’s Explore Pages, such as national champions, current sports or academic rankings, and much more.

    2) Find it all: College Profile

    Please see below an example of how a college profile layout looks like – this is not an actual college.

      Find all the information you need in one place – on the school’s Internespo College Profile. It works like any other social media platform, just that all the information and content is tailored towards your college sports. Every school has their info and links at the same place, making it easy for you to find what you are looking for.

      Athletics Page

        • Rankings & Titles
        • Team & Coaches
        • Stadium & Facilities
        • Pros & Awards

      Alumni Network

        • Alumni Database
        • Connect after college
        • Stay in touch

      Academics Page

        • About the school
        • Majors & Admissons
        • Campus & City
        • Notable Alumni

      Photos Page

        • Stadium & Fans
        • Campus & City
        • Championships

      Camps Page

        • Latest Camps
        • Tournaments
        • Highlights 


      Contact Page

        • Coaching Staff
        • Admissions Info
        • Address & Map 

      3) College Soccer Community

      Explore College Soocer on Internespo and connect with your college. Be part of their community and see the latest updates and information the team publishes on their Internespo College Profile.

      We all love college soccer – so we created a dedicated space for students, athletes, and  parents to connect and engage, follow coaches and their college teams, and more.

      See all National Champions

      Find NCAA and NAIA College Rankings and National Champions on our Division Page.

      4) Explore Internespo

      You can also find some of the best academically ranked colleges on Internespo’s Colleges Page, or explore the Locations Page and discover universities in famous cities, states or near the coast.

      Explore Colleges

      Explore Locations

      5) Graduates: Connect with Alumni

      View your college’s alumni page on Internespo to connect with former students who are part of your team’s Alumni Player Network.

      Finding the perfect job after college can be challenging, but everyone knows networking is key – there is no better reference than having played for the same college program. Use your team’s connections!

      You can now find former players on a College’s Alumni Page. Just filter for your field of study, e.g. Marketing – and see all player alumni who work a similiar job. You can see the state and city they work in and can connect via LinkedIn or other channels. Hear about their experiences, internships, or possible job openings.

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      Cost & Fees – Its Free
      Cost & Fees – Its Free

      Internespo is free for everyone. Every user or institution receives the same free rate. There are no hidden costs or fees associated with our services.

      Table of Contents
      Table of Contents

      In our table of contents you can find all articles that are posted in Internespo’s College Sports Guide

      Privacy & Rights
      Privacy & Rights

      Internespo takes the protection of your personal data seriously. In order to adhere to the highest data protection standards, we have committed to the national and European data protection legislation.